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Roast: Light

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Single Origin Ethiopia Natural Coffee

Introducing our Single Origin Ethiopia Natural Coffee – where each sip is a taste of the legendary birthplace of coffee, and you don't even need a passport! Straight from the highlands of Ethiopia, where coffee is practically a national treasure, this brew is more thrilling than a lion safari and smoother than a jazz saxophone solo.

Grown at elevations that even mountain goats would envy, our coffee beans soak up the Ethiopian sunshine and misty mountain air, creating a flavor profile so unique, it's like a dance party in your mouth. Picture this: floral notes waltzing with hints of citrus, all choreographed by Ethiopian coffee artisans who are basically the Beyoncés of beans.

But wait, there's more! Our Ethiopia Natural is so aromatic; it could inspire a Shakespearean sonnet. It's like the coffee beans themselves went to drama school and came back with a Ph.D. in flavor intensity. Trust us; your taste buds are about to graduate with honors.

So, why settle for an ordinary cup of coffee when you can embark on a taste adventure to the heart of coffee greatness? Grab your mug, cue the Ethiopian jazz playlist, and let the Single Origin Ethiopia Natural Coffee turn your coffee break into a flavorful fiesta. Because life's too short for bland beans – let the Ethiopian dance of flavor begin! ☕️🕺💃

Certification/Grading: Natural

Roast: Light

Tasting Profile: Milk chocolate, fruity, caramel

Grower: Smallholder farmers from the Sidama zone.

Variety: Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

Region: Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

Altitude: 1700-1900 M

Soil Type: Nitisols

Process: Full natural, sorted by hand.  Dried on raised beds.