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Gourmet Half Caffeinated Coffee

Unwind without the coffee jitters with MAKR Coffee's Mellow Buzz – the Gourmet Half Caffeinated Coffee that's as chill as a cat napping in a sunbeam! β˜• Our beans are the zen masters of the coffee world – medium roasted in small-batches, and Roasted-to-Order, because we believe your coffee break should be as serene as a yoga session.

πŸŒ… Picture this: a burst of premium single origin arabica beans, a hint of medium roast humor, and a perfect balance that'll have you feeling as centered as a monk in a meditation garden – it's a flavor spectacle that turns your coffee break into a mellow comedy show. Our beans do the tango on your palate, bringing you the richness of single origin arabica with just enough caffeine to keep you in the blissful state of a well-balanced caffeine high.

🚚 Worried about missing out on the mellow buzz? Fear not! MAKR delivers the magic straight to your door, ensuring your cup is as fresh as morning dew on a lotus leaf. Because when it comes to coffee, we believe in Small-Batch, Roasted-to-Order freshness that travels straight from our workshop to your mug.

β˜• So, if you're ready to embrace the art of mellow coffee and add a touch of balanced caffeine humor to your routine, look no further! MAKR's Mellow Buzz is here to transform your coffee break into a laid-back comedy show, and we'll deliver the premium half-caffeinated goodness directly to your door! #MAKRCoffee #MellowBuzz #GourmetHalfCaffeinatedCoffee #FreshRoastedJoy #RoastedToOrder #DeliveredDelight 🌈✨

Roast: Medium